IPVanish VPN Review: Is It The Fastest VPN for Torrenting?


IPVanish is among the fastest VPNs services that I have had an opportunity to test. It is budget-friendly and comes laden with premium online security and privacy features. Though based in the US, the providers embrace a strictly no-logs policy to ensure that your online activities will never be available to third parties even if they are slumped with a court order to release your logs.

On its website, the provider claims to be the world’s best VPN service. I have tested the VPN to find out whether its claim is true or false. I was particularly interested in its security and privacy, speeds, number of servers, and server locations, as well as unblocking streaming services like Netflix, torrenting, device compatibility, and customer support.

In a hurry, here are the IPVanish most outstanding features:
  • IPVanish works with Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and many other premium streaming services.
  • It uses the highest levels of encryption and protects against leaks.
  • Features a simple and intuitive interface
  • Good consistent speed
  • Allows torrenting on its network
  • IPVanish offers a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Help section, email, and 24/7 live chat available

Let’s tackle the IPVanish features one at a time.

1. Interface and ease of use

IPVanish features a friendly and easy to use graphical interface that’s also easy to navigate. The IPVanish app allows you to select your preferred server location, protocol and desired connection options. Manual configuration requires more technical experience but is invaluable in situations or places where the app does not work properly.

2. Device compatibility

IPVanish is compatible with a broad range of devices, including:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Smart TVs

3. How many Simultaneous Connections Does IPVanish allow?

IPVanish allows simultaneous connections up to 10 devices with a single subscription. Hence, IPVanish is an excellent choice for families with many devices on use.

4. IPVanish Pricing and Plans

IPVanish Pricing and plans

IPVanish offers three pricing options that come with the same features. It costs $10.00 per month, or $77.99 billed annually. Alternatively, you can opt to pay $26.99 every three months. Compared with many premium VPN services in the market, its price comes as fair given the range of features. Additionally, IPVanish offers a variety of special deals and discounts from time to time.

5. How many servers does IPVanish have?

IPVanish offers its users 1400 servers in over 60 locations. Though its server list isn’t as impressive as some other premium services like ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and NordVPN, its servers offer fast speeds, which is excellent for streaming. Also, it offers a strictly no-logs policy, and all servers are P2P friendly.

6. IPVanish Security Protocols

IPVanish protects your network traffic data with robust AES 256-bit encryption, which is unbreakable. Moreover, it offers various security protocols for secure internet connection, including:

  • PPTP (Point-Point Tunneling) Protocol is not recommended for securing sensitive information because of its known security vulnerabilities. However, it’s still used on older operating systems and older mobile phones and is recommended for low-risk speed intensive browsing like streaming. The protocol is not available on macOS and or iOS.
  • L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol) is excellent for mobile devices that do not work with OpenVPN protocol. It fixes the PPTP vulnerabilities but is slower in speeds as compared to OpenVPN. L2TP uses multiple ports; hence it’s more difficult to configure on a router.
  • OpenVPN is an open-source project that uses various authentication methods, notable ones being SSL/TLS (similar to your web browser). It is the highly recommended protocol as it offers fast access speeds than L2TP. However, it requires a third party software and certificate files to be installed if you aren’t using the IPVanish software. Also, its support for mobile devices is limited.

OpenVPN UDP is faster since it has no error correction. It is highly recommended where the target server is on the same continent, and the end-user isn’t a rural area.

OpenVPN TCP uses error correction to make sure that lost packets are not retransmitted as often. Its recommended for connection to far-away servers or if the end-user exhibits packet loss when connecting to the server.

  • SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling) was created by Microsoft and uses the robust 256-bit encryption using SSL/TLS over TCP port 443.
  • IPSec is often available on mobile devices. It connects faster than standard VPN protocols but may face some challenges connecting over wireless routers or devices that use NAT.
  • IKEv2-excellent on newer mobile devices is as fast as IPSec and offers the same security.

But what is VPN Protocols?

A VPN protocol refers to a technology used by VPNs to transmit your data via the internet safely. The protocols differ in terms of speed and security.

7. DNS and IPv6 leak protection

IPVanish prevents DNS leaks. When you connect to the internet using the service, its apps block all the DNS requests that your device is making and channels them through a safe encrypted tunnel. IPVanish provides you faster DNS servers and no activity or connection logs. Moreover, you get a military-grade end-to-end encryption for your network traffic between your devices and the DNS servers.

7. Speed and speed test

In my speed test, IPVanish exhibited fast speeds even when connecting to far-away servers. I was able to connect to my desired servers with ease. The VPN provided consistent speeds and a reliable connection. I tested the VPN for streaming, torrenting, and gaming. I streamed in HD quality without annoying lags. Also, I had an excellent experience torrenting and gaming.

Hence, IPVanish will provide you with an excellent experience for all your online tasks.

8. Does it Work with Netflix?

Netflix is the number one streaming platform with a massive library of movies and TV shows. However, you only get access to the movies and TV shows allowed in your country. The problem is that some countries like the USA have a vast share compared to others. That’s why many people worldwide want a VPN with the ability to unblock streaming services, including Netflix.

I tested IPVanish with Netflix USA, and I streamed from many of its servers in the US. It also works with Prime, HBO NOW, BBC IPlayer, Sling, and Kodi.

9. Does it allow Torrenting?

IPVanish specifically allows torrenting on its entire network. In fact, it claims on its website to be the fastest VPN for torrenting. Hence with 1400 servers in more than 60 countries, you can torrent and download files from worldwide locations. Its servers are optimized for fast torrenting, and you also get all the IPVanish security and privacy features to keep all your torrenting activities anonymous. Moreover, your ISP won’t throttle your network traffic as it cannot see your online activities due to the VPNs encryption.

10. Does IPVanish work in China?

IPVanish does not work in China. However, they provide users with a guide to manual configuration for those who want to test it. The Chinese communist government blocks many websites, including Facebook, YouTube, and even major news outlets. Most VPNs have since given up the fight.

We recommend using ExpressVPN as it works reliably in China. If you are looking for low-cost alternatives, you can opt for NordVPN or Surfshark as they are excellent too.

11. Is IPVanish Good for Gaming?

A good gaming VPN is one that lets you game without having to fear about speed drops and lagsFirst, IPVanish has fast speeds that support gaming without buffering and lags. Secondly, the service will provide you full privacy and security while you game. Most importantly, its encryption will offer you complete protection against DDOS attacks. Additionally, your ISP won’t know you gaming activities, and hence, it won’t throttle your connection.

In short, IPVanish will offer you fast speeds necessary for streaming, prevent possible ISP throttling, and allow you to spoof your location and purchase games from the region with the cheapest deals.

12. Does IPVanish log its users?

IPVanish has a strictly no-logs policy. However, court records published on Reddit suggested that in 2016 the provider responded to a summons by handing over a user’s activities. In response to the claims, the company stated that the incident happened before StackPath acquired Highwinds Network Group. It also claims to have conducted an independent audit and due diligence before the acquisition.

13. Internet Kill Switch

In case your VPN connection is lost, the IPVanish kill switch acts by blocking all your network traffic until when the secure connection is re-established. It protects your sensitive data and guards your identity against hackers and snoops, and ensures your ISP’s internet downloads are invisible.

14. Customer Support?

IPVanish has a well-thought-out Help Section. In case you get stuck, you get valuable troubleshooting and installation guides. You can also contact its customer support directly through 24/7 live chat support. I tested its customer support via live chat, and I can say I found them to be friendly, polite, and knowledgeable.

The Bottom Line

I found IPVanish to be fast, reliable, and good for streaming and torrenting. It supports all the major platforms and offers up to 10 simultaneous connections, bringing value to its users.

Here’s a summary of its features:

  • Dedicated Apps for all platforms
  • Strictly no-logs policy
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Huge list of 60 countries
  • Shared-VPN connections to make traffic untraceable
  • Lots of protocol choice
  • Get started with IPVanish VPN now



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